Tzufit (who I never met the whole time I was playing on SoE, and I’m not sure how) was tagged for a meme by some folks who were probably tagged by some other folks, and… Well, apparently you can trace this all the way back to Gnomeaggedon.

I’ve been tagged, I like pictures (I like turtles, too, for the record), and I have no clue who else has been tagged already. Let’s go!

Go into your screenshots folder.

Go to the sixth subfolder.

Post the sixth screenshot in the sixth subfolder.

Tag six other bloggers.

I told Tzufit last night that I have a LOT of screenshots of bears, so I was feeling pretty good about what I’d end up with. I’m going to have to start posting them here because, really, a LOT of screenshots with bears!

Screenshots folder, sixth sub— Hey! I don’t HAVE subfolders in there! Truth is, I’ve always handled my screenshots my own way for my own reasons and I didn’t know until today that they automatically go into a folder within the WoW stuff. Had I grabbed an image from where I usually handle screenshots, there would be subfolders (though maybe not six of them) and I’d probably get a picture of a bear. Instead, I’m just grabbing the sixth image in the one big folder. (Which I notice Tzufit also had to do.)

That’s one I took for a post on Heavy Wool Bandage. The Tank Might be a Dumass. It’s a great spider picture! SPIDER PRIDE!!! >8< (Don’t judge me, phylumist!)

I’m going to tag… Oh. Nevermind. They already did it. I’m going to tag… Well, then. I’m going to tag… Oh, to hell with this! I’m dividing six by three and just tagging two people. Anybody who has a problem with that can get in the “Maul Me Please” line, because you don’t tag bloggers with bears… you get MAULED by bears!

I’m tagging Cynwise and Vrykerion.

And because this is a bear blog, not a spider blog, I’m sticking another screenshot in here. I took it last night while going back to finish up some quests. I knew the cinematic was coming soon, so I made sure I was in bear form every time I went back to talk to the goblin until it happened.

When I did this as a hunter it left my bear out. Without my bear, I did look like a prisoner being led to her execution. As a bear, I kind of look like I DO own the place! But that’s silly. Brann Bronzebeard owns the place.